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An awesome printer for sale\t\t

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Handmade Chunky Knit Blanket

Stay super comfy this winter with this chunky knit blanket! This beautiful super-chunky knit blanket makes a decorative impact on any bedroom or living room! A stylish yet neutral statement that never fails to "WOW." This... Read more

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Issey Miyake Unisex Twelve Watch IM-SILAP007 With Black Leather Strap

A big fan of Issey Miyake. I am not going to lie about that at all. Here is an awesome watch I found and I have to say that I am positively in love. Christmas is... Read more

Tags Mens Minimal Watches Minimalist Watches Issey Miyake Watches for Men
Aoking Men Backpack Laptop 15.6 College Charging Rucksack Black Waterproof Daypack

One thing I will say when buying a backpack is you must go for quality over the price. For too long people make this mistake and order like a really cheap one from a Chinese shop... Read more

Tags Laptop Backpacks
Travel Business Laptop Backpack up to 17.3 inch

I found this one on Amazon and what a really nice looking pack it is. Love the fact it has a charging port which means you can charge your phone or your laptop. Pretty impressive snake. Read more

Tags Smart Backpacks Laptop Backpacks Ergonomic Laptop Backpacks
1.8L LIVEN Electric Hot Pot with Separated 304 Stainless Steel Pot Body and Adjustable Power for Shabu Shabu, Cooking Noodles, Boiling Water Small Electric Cook

This is a hot pot for those who want to take it to the next level and get serious with their shabu shabu cooking. Great choice for the family stew, shabu, boiled, reheat soup etc., such... Read more

Tags Shabu Shabu Cookers Electric Hot Pots
GOT HOT POT 3-in1 Electric Indoor Shabu Shabu Hot Pot with Bbq Grill

For anyone looking to get kick started in the world of asian Shabu Shabu cookers then here is a really awesome one I found off Amazon and not a bad price either. It is like a... Read more

Tags Shabu Shabu Cookers
Rosewill 1800 Watt Induction Cooker Cooktop , Included 10" 3.5 Qt 18-8 Stainless Steel Pot, Gold, RHAI-16001

Here is an awesome hot pot that I found on Amazon. At the time of writing it is actually half price which is pretty cool. cooking with hot pots and real asian style food seems to... Read more

Tags Electric Hot Pots
Salt House Himalayan Rock Salt Cooking Block

I found this Himalayan salt board and absolutely fell in love with it when I found it. One really cool thing about cooking with salt boards is that it seasons you food while you cook so... Read more

Tags Himalayan Salt Blocks
Plus Mesh Insert Floral Lace Dress With Thong

I saw this and just thought wow. This is some really nice fitting and looking lingerie that would be a perfect purchase to look and more importantly feel great. I found it on a website called... Read more

Magisculpt High Waisted Black Lace Shapewear Body

Some really sexy lingerie here for a curvy lady who wants to look and feel great. This is just the sort of thing I would look to buy my wife. Read more

Light Pink Lined Parka With Faux Fur Trim Hood

Here is a super nice jacket that I found while browsing a site called Yours Clothing which I really loved so much. It comes in pink and is perfect for those cold winters in the UK.... Read more

Quilted Gilet

Here is a really nice jacket from Curvissa that I found. I really like it a lot and just had to share it with you all. This is really cool and I love it a lot. Read more

Tags Women's Plus Size Gilets
Black Drawstring Waist Utility Trousers

Here are some really nice trousers I found on a clothing shop from the UK called Next. Some really super hot drawstring trousers. They look so comfortable. What do you think? Read more

Curve Black And White Bardot Dip Hem Dress

Now here is a really nice dress that I just had to share with you all. This would be perfect for a formal dinner or a special date night. What do the rest of you think? Read more

plus size navy velvet belted jacket

Never, ever have I ever seen a nicer dress than this. I am almost falling in love with it! It is from a website called Misguided and absolutely floors me as to just how good it... Read more

Spirit - Ivory lace post surgery mastectomy bra

Finding a bra seems to be harder and harder but here is a really nice one I found from a shop in the United Kingdom called Debenhams. It costs £6.60. What do you folks think? Read more

Tags Mastectomy Bras
plus size white lace pipe detail bodysuit

Now here is a sexy bodysuit that I absolutely fell in love with. This is from Missguided and truly irresistible. I am absolutely in love with this. What do you other ladies think? Read more

Sequin Trim Wide Leg Jumpsuit - Black

I absolutely loved this when I saw it. This shows a woman who is in control, who is dominant and confidence. This is what you wear to the office when you want to close a deal... Read more

Leopard Print Button Front Blouse

Leopard is coming back in fashion! There is absolutely no doubt about that and this top I found just really goes ahead and confirms that completely! It can be found from a shop called Simply Be... Read more

Tags Women's Plus Size Leopard Blouses