Telescope Skywatcher N 200/1000 Explorer BD OTA

Delivered without rims, this telescope is extremely appreciated, as well by the motivated beginners and the passionate persons. It has a diameter of 200 mm, which makes it a high-performance device, for a price still affordable.... Read more

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Maksutov Telescope Celestron TM 127/1500 NexStar 127 SLT GoTo

Very compact and light, this telescope is the delight of amateur astronomers. This device is clearly aimed at those who want and have a good budget to invest in astronomical observation. This device is equipped with... Read more

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Celestron Power Seeker 50AZ

Celestron Power Seeker 50AZ is a telescope dedicated to novices in astronomy. It would probably be the ideal instrument to start observing the sky. The manufacturer attaches a detailed notice to the delivery. There is even... Read more

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Orion N 254/1200 SkyQuest XT10 Classic DOB Dobsonic Telescope

This telescope has made a large number of emulators, thanks to its impeccable qualities and large diameter of 254 mm. This thing is not astrophoto, but observation in a big way! It allows an exceptional level... Read more

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Celestron Astromaster 130EQ-MD

If you are seeking a telescope that approaches professional models, then the Celestron Astromaster 130EQ-MD model is right for you. First, it is easy to install that you will not need to use tools to achieve... Read more

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Celestron Power Seeker 60AZ

For the beginning astronomer, a Celestron PowerSeeker Series telescope is a perfect buy. The PowerSeeker is a powerful telescope that will introduce you to astronomy. The PowerSeeker AZ60 is easy to install without tools and is... Read more

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Seben Big Pack 700-76

The Seben Big Pack 700-76 telescope is a model that deserves to be known because it comes with several accessories. With this telescope, you will be entitled to a device of economic class up to 12.0... Read more

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Zoomion Gravity 150 EQ Telescope

Nice surprise that this zoomion, with a diameter of 150 mm is ideal for beginners because it is very easy to use. This telescope has a diameter that will have nothing to envy to the telescopes... Read more

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Omegon AC 70/700 AZ-2 telescope

Omegon is a fairly recent telescope brand, but one that has managed to break into the rather closed world of telescope construction with a simple approach: customer satisfaction above all else. And it is something that... Read more

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Dobson 300-76 ETU

People who want to buy a cheap telescope may find their happiness by relying on the model Dobson 300-76 ETU. It is a very compact telescope of the Seben type and therefore, it is very simple... Read more

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