iHome Color Changing Alarm Clock with Radio

This brightly colored small ball is a gadget full of great technologies and it’s perfect for all iOS users. This Dual Alarm Radio comes with a speakerphone that will wake you up and play the FM... Read more

Tags Digital Radios Alarm Clocks
C-Color Water Powered Alarm Clock

The last option on out list is among the cheapest ones but that’s because its uses no electrical power and recharges on water, instead. This eco-friendly bedside clock, once filled with water, will run for over... Read more

Tags Alarm Clocks
HandAcc Clap-sensitive Bunny Alarm Clock

Although this is our main option for kids, it doesn’t mean that you can’t get a bunny alarm clock if you’re a grown-up. This lovely rabbit comes in light green or pink, and it displays the... Read more

Tags Alarm Clocks
Sensorwake 2 Clock with Scented Alarms

If one of the things you dislike the most about alarm clocks is the screeching sound, you can always pick a choice that will wake you up differently. Sensorwake goes far and uses an aromatherapy technique... Read more

Tags Smart Alarm Clocks Alarm Clocks
Bonjour The A.I. Alarm Clock

Next on the list is the smartest option for all the tech-savvies out there: with Bonjour you would be getting a smart assistant that happens to be one of the best alarm clocks out there. This... Read more

Tags Alarm Clocks Smart Alarm Clocks
Oittm Alarm Clock with Night Light

Another smart option on the list is this Oittm night light and alarm clock. Designed as a bell with a green stem on top, this clock will show you the time, date, humidity and temperature of... Read more

Tags Alarm Clocks Night Lights Led Alarm Clocks
The Bariseur Coffee-Maker Alarm Clock

This coffee and tea alarm clock is undoubtedly the priciest option on the list but we can’t deny it’s worth every cent. With it, you would be investing in both an alarm clock and a coffee... Read more

Tags Alarm Clocks Coffee Machine Makers Smart Alarm Clocks
Tecboss Sunrise Simulation and Natural Sounds Alarm Clock

This Wake-Up Light by Tecboss is a small block of both technology and practicality. The alarm clock comes with a LED light that can be used as a bedside lamp during the night and that also... Read more

Tags Alarm Clocks Led Alarm Clocks
Clocky Alarm on Wheels

Clocky is advertised as The Original Runaway Alarm Clock because that’s exactly what it’ll do to get you out of bed. Yes, it does have a snooze button but one you press it twice, Clocky will... Read more

Tags Fun Alarm Clocks Alarm Clocks
Ruggie Mat Alarm Clock

If this is not the coolest-looking alarm clock on the market, then we don’t know which is. It’s a useful alternative for those who worry about the space on their night tables. This mat is a... Read more

Tags Alarm Clocks Smart Alarm Clocks

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