ONDIAL Simple Turntable

With this record player, you can rediscover all your music trapped in vinyl. It’s the simplest of models with just one dial that allows you to control volume, making the process as simple as placing your... Read more

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Wockoder Vinyl Record Player

Our last pick is yet another suitcase because let’s admit it, they are the most practical design you find for a turntable. This is an all-in-one model as it has Bluetooth connectivity, USB port, and can... Read more

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Crosley Cruiser Record Player

This unique player can be purchased in a blue, red, or brown suitcase, and features 2 speeds in revolutions per minute. It can play 33 1/3, 45, and 78 RPM records so no vinyl is left... Read more

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DigitNow M431 Wood Suitcase Turntable Player

This all-wood beautiful turntable allows you to listen to your smartphone’s music AND your vinyl records as well. The player has a three-speed system and is constructed of pure wood, bounded into a leatherette material that... Read more

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GPO Ambassador Portable Turntable

Another nostalgic model, this one comes in a brown palette to make it look even more ancient. The turntable can play 33, 45, and 78 speed records, and has an auto-stop feature. Thanks to its Bluetooth... Read more

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Max LP Conversion Turntable with Stereo Speakers

This is, by far, the most colorful vinyl player you can get. The Photon LP projects exciting multi-colored, spinning light while it plays music to make the experience even better. The clear top allows you to... Read more

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Auna Retro Turntable Vinyl Record Player

We know that this might go over your budget but this is a high-quality product that also happens to have an awesome, retro design. Its technology, however, is quite modern: it can connect to any smartphones... Read more

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Boytone 37-series Home Turntable System

This fancy record player is perfect for those who like to mess around with their audio as it comes with a big control panel and several settings you can choose. It can be bought in black... Read more

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Peggy Sue Retro Record Player

This awesome player comes in 9 different color combinations and has a bunch of features that you’ll simply love. Its belt plays at 3 different speeds and it allows you to transform your vinyl music into... Read more

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Victrola Bluetooth Portable Suitcase Record Player

The brand behind this awesome record player has some history as it’s been manufacturing turntables for over 100 years. Now owned by Innovative Technology, they’ve brought the nostalgic look of the old models and combined it... Read more

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